Foto: Rainer Möller,

Foto: Rainer Möller,



Christian Fahrenbach works as a journalist, teacher and consultant in Germany and New York. He was the first ever German Fellow in the "Entrepreneurial Journalism" program at New York's City University and is one of the founding members of Krautreporter, the biggest crowdfunding project in German journalism to date. He writes their daily newsletter "Morgenpost" with more than 15,000 subscribers and an open rate of more than 40 percent. As a journalist, he works regularly for the German newswire dpa in New York and Washington and he had bylines in Süddeutsche Zeitung, the business magazine brand eins, Spiegel Online and Zeit Online, among many others.

As a teacher he gave lectures and workshops for clients like the Swiss Ringier Group, the Deutsche Journalistenschule or Hamburg Media School and he gave key notes or hosted panels at re:publica, in the German Haus at SXSW or at the Digital Media Viability conference in Beirut, Lebanon.

His education and studies include a Bachelor's degree in Business (a long time ago) and a Master's degree in Journalism (a bit later). He earned a PhD degree at the University of Hohenheim for his thesis about "Reputation-oriented Issues Management".

You can find daily ramblings of him on twitter - some of it may be about the Eurovision Song Contest or the National Championships in cherry stone spitting, which may be the proudest achievement of his hometown Witzenhausen in central Germany.

(A more classical CV is easily available if you drop him a line at "info ätt christianfahrenbach dot de" or on the Contact page - thanks a bunch.)